Easy to follow seafood recipe using Sabroso Healthy Seasoning.

Purchased Sabroso Healthy Seasoning? Well, here's a quick & easy grilled shrimp recipe that you can do using Sabroso Healthy Seasoning. You can also use this recipe as a great start for cooking any seafood dish!

The brand Sabroso Sauce™ represents a delicious blend of high-quality sauces and seasonings, hand created with fresh and natural ingredients with a Latin & Caribbean Flavor Twist.


Our Sabroso Sauce(tm) is a sweet, tangy, zesty, tomato based dipping sauce with a hint of cayenne pepper that will instantly wake up the flavor of chicken, pork, burgers, seafood and anything else that needs a WOW factor. Our customers have said it tastes good on everything! So unique it can even be used as a Bloody Mary base!


Our Healthy Seasoning also packs a delicious powerful punch.

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